My News Report

Hi bloggers,

4JK had a task to do when we came back from the holidays.  We had to make a news report about the September holidays .  You could do it on yourself,  a friend or both. I chose to do it on my friends.  It all started when we were learning to write a script.  I interviewed Emily and Rozzeta.  It was so much fun recording. We kept making mistakes and we had to keep on recording.  All of the teachers were trying so hard to find a way that we could share our videos on our blogs but it didn’t work so we had to put it on student share.

If you had the choice would you make a news report?

Did you enjoy the news report?

What did you enjoy about it?


From Natasha


Hi bloggers,

I am so excited for camp, I can’t wait!  My friends and I have been talking about it for ages because it’s my first time to go on a school camp.  I usually go camping with my mum and dad but never with the school.  All the grade 6’s are telling us how much fun they had at camp last year and all the activities they did.  I have already organised what I am going to wear and pack.  I have got my sleeping bag ready.  The teachers have handed out the forms and I was one of the first people to bring it back.  I hope it is going to be as much fun as I pictured it to be.

Has your school been on camp before?

Where does your school go to for your camp?

What do you do at camp?

Have you been camping with your family?

How long is your camp?

From Natasha

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